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Aniro Hotel

  • 0. General information - top

    Theme demo:

    Thanks for purchasing Aniro Hotel – WordPress theme for hotels with  mobile-friendly design. This is a best choice for your hotel.

    This Aniro Hotel WP theme working together with free plugin “WP Hotel Booking” you can read more about this plugin here.

    Please, read this documentation before you get started. In this documentation, you can find how you can customize the theme. If you have any questions you can contact us by e-mail.

    When you purchasing Aniro Hotel theme on – you can find the following files in a zip file:

    • child-theme: Zip file with child theme.
    • documentation.
    • anirohotel: Zip file with Aniro Hotel WordPress Theme.
    • licensing.
    • 1. Installing - top

      • 1.1 Install WordPress - top

        To install Aniro Hotel PRO WP theme you must have WordPress installed. If do not - you can follow the instructions in WordPress Codex.

      • 1.2 Install Aniro Hotel WP theme - top

        Install Aniro Hotel WP theme by using “WordPress Theme Manager”.

        Then you bought Aniro Hotel WP theme on this site you will get After that you can install Aniro Hotel PRO theme by using “WordPress Theme Manager“. You need to do next:

        • Go to admin panel and after that go to “Apperance -> Themes” and press “Add New“.
        • A new page will open – press button “Upload Theme” on this page.
        • Choose the Aniro Hotel theme zip file ( that you can find in
        • Press “Install Now”.
        • And activate Aniro Hotel WP theme. You can install recommended plugins. ATTENTION! Plugin “WP Hotel Booking” is required!

        After that you can install demo content on your site (look "2. Demo content").

        Install Aniro Hotel WP theme by using FTP upload.

        You can unzip archive and place this folder called anirohotel to /wp-content/themes/ folder in your WordPress folder on your server. You can use any FTP software also, for example FileZilla.

    • 2. Demo content - top

      • 2.3 Importing demo content - top

    • 3. WP Hotel Booking - top

      • 3.1 About plugin WP Hotel Booking - top

      • 3.2 Rooms - top

      • 3.3 WP Hotel Booking - top

      • 3.4 Payment methods - top

      • 3.5 The payment system provided by WooCommerce - top

    • 4. Customize theme - top

      • 5. Customize theme – About Aniro Hotel - top

        • 6. Customize theme – Site identity - top

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