WDV One Page Docs


WDV One Page Docs

WDV About Me Widget – WordPress plugin – with this plugin you can add ‘WDV About Me Widget’ widget to your theme. You can add you data or your firm data. You can add image, description, link, contact information, social links.

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WDV One Page Docs – WP plugin for creating documents and faq. The “WDV One Page Docs” plugin is easy to use and works with any theme. This plugin is very convenient for creating not too much documentation for your product, when it is convenient to place the entire description on one page.
With this plugin you can make a one page document for every your items. You can show list of your documents for all your items on special page.
Elements are sorted in ascending order (ASC). Therefore, it is advisable to add the numbering of documents and it will be sorted.

WDV One Page Docs
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